Mongoose Born In Dirt

As VP of Brand and Creative for Mongoose, we kept our fun and high quality agency and partner We Ride at Dawn to help create a campaign strategy and tagline that pays homage to the brand’s roots – “Born In Dirt”. This phrase leans into the nostalgia of dirt track racing in the 1980’s, while embracing the freestyle athletes and discipline the modern day Mongoose is best known for, a purposeful collision of old and new, dirt racing and freestyle culture.It was this intersection of BMX cultures that feels so fresh, so own-able for the brand; a weird, made up fantasyland that is also a state of mind. Welcome to “Dirtvana”.
The Born in Dirt campaign features pro riders - Kevin Peraza, Mykel Larrin and Olympian racer Peyton Ridnour.
In collaboration with TOOL of NA, Director Brig White and the Mongoose Brand team.

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